How humans cope with their innate determinism

Are you human? If you’re reading this article, then I’m guessing you are. On the off chance you’re a crawler, then you’re in a for a treat.

Humans… what delicate machines. We’re biologically wired for certain things, evolved for certain functions. Survival and replication are all there is to it. But, somehow, we’re so much more, we’ve evolved for so much more.

If you live, like really live, then you’ll certainly know that we’re not the rational agents we aspire to be; we’re full of emotions that govern us, we’re then left on their mercy.

We get to exercise our…

Evolution — such a great word. It can be used in nearly every conceivable context. It’s an integral part of our world; it governs everything.

Photo by satya deep

But before I explain, I will tell you about my first two encounters with evolution, and how the third time was the charm.

Saturday Morning Blues

When I was around 10, I used to watch Japanese anime each Saturday morning. But that wasn’t unusual for a 10-year-old Greek kid in the early 2000s. Pretty much everyone at my age did that.

That wasn’t what made me different; I was different because of the countless hours I spent playing video games. Two particular franchises stand out as my favorites. Pokemon and Digimon.

The ‘-mon’ they have in common means ‘monsters’. I was fascinated by…

Stoicism often gets a bad rap. People associate it with unemotional behavior, passivity, and resignation. But it can’t get any further than the truth.

The Stoa of Attalos — Source

Stoicism is so much more than what people think. It’s a philosophy; it’s a way of life; it’s a guide to a good life.

But how did an ancient Greco-Roman philosophy get such a bad reputation in the first place?

I believe the answer partly lies in two modern human limitations:

  • Our inability to know what is in our control and what isn’t.
  • Our inability to take responsibility for the former and accept the latter.

Fortunately for us, Stoicism has answers (and a lot of quotes, as you’ll see).

But bear with me first, as I go through some basic…

Ι had faith in reason, and, in some ways, I still do. But it lets me down almost every time.

Photo by Andreas Haimerl on Unsplash

It’s a superpower we inherited from nature; a part of what makes us human. But it is flawed. Or are we the ones that fail to understand its role in our lives?

We start with two definitions:

  • Reason is considered the ability to make sense of the world through the use of knowledge and logic.
  • Rationality is referred to as the valuable use of reason, which helps humans arrive at more accurate conclusions about the world.

Reason and rationality are the subjects of many disciplines that began in philosophy and then spread to science as it affects every aspect of…

This is what I asked myself when I finished arguing with my mother for the 2020th time.

Photo by Manikandan Annamalai on Unsplash

Why? Because we never understand each other. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a common story — it’s the story of humanity.

Many movies deal with this theme. Not with mother arguments; but with the nature of reality. In The Matrix, Morpheus asks, “What is real? How do you define real?” In Blade Runner, Rick Deckard questions the replicants’ realities. In Memento, Leonard struggles with finding the ‘real’ reality.

These movies taught me that whatever the nature of reality, you have to discover it yourself.

Let’s dive in.

Senses and Infinite Brain Scales

We are constantly bombarded with external stimuli. We sense every reflected…

George Tselios

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